Sunday in Promo World

IMG_4793Some cool media stuff today to promote The Cooperstown Casebook for Sunday, July 9:

• I’ll be on ESPN Radio’s Sunday Night Baseball pregame show between 7-8 PM ET, interviewed by host Kevin Winter. Stream it here.

• For those in the NYC area, I’ll be on Fox Sports Extra with Duke Castiglione at 10:30 PM ET on WNWY Fox 5.

• We’re only two weeks away from the first event of Launch Week: my appearance at the Yogi Berra Museum at Montclair State University in New Jersey. Details for that and other upcoming events here.

• And because nothing in this world can exist without a Facebook page, there’s now one for the book here, with links to the Facebook pages of venues where I’ll be holding events, and so forth. Think of it as a lite version of what’s here, for use when you’re trapped in that particular hamster wheel-iverse. Please humor me and Like the page, then share with your family, friends and frenemies!



The Casebook is Open!

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Welcome to The Cooperstown Casebook Online, the companion web site for my forthcoming book, to be released on July 25, 2017 by Thomas Dunne Books. This site is a work in progress, particularly as far as fleshing out the player section, which will contain outtakes from and extensions of what’s in the book, not the book content itself (I’m trying to sell you the thing, after all), though I will of course link the excerpts — not to mention anything I write that’s JAWS-themed.

Right now, this site’s primary purpose is as a one-stop shop for basic information about me, the activities I’m doing to promote the book and, soon, the reviews. I’m not shy about promoting any of that stuff on Twitter (see the book-related best-of here), but beyond spamming my followers half to death, I’ve chosen to give all this stuff a home.

I’ve got a ton of launch week events to promote in New York (including Cooperstown, during Induction Weekend) and New Jersey. I’ll be speaking and signing books at those, and will hopefully find a way to travel further afield after that’s done (if you want to get your hands on one of those slick baseball cards shown above, made via the folks behind the Rookies App, you’ll have to come and get it, though I’ll eventually have some online giveaways). In connection with the book, I have been and will continue to be interviewed on TV, the radio, in print and online as well.

So come on in, browse around, and please consider buying a book, either in advance of its release date, at one of my upcoming appearances, or at your favorite local bookstore.