About Jay Jaffe

Jay Jaffe is a contributing baseball writer for SI.com. He is the founder of the Futility Infielder website, one of the oldest baseball blogs, and from 2005-2012 was a columnist for Baseball Prospectus and a contributor to eight BP annuals (2006-2013). In January 2004, while at Baseball Prospectus, he introduced the system that became JAWS (Jaffe WAR Score). JAWS is a tool that facilitates the comparison of Hall of Fame candidates with those already enshrined at their position, using Wins Above Replacement to capture both defensive value as well as offensive value and to account for the wide variations in scoring that have occurred throughout baseball history.

Jay is a recurring guest on MLB Network’s MLB Now and Clubhouse Confidential shows, a member of the Baseball Writers Association of America since 2011, and a former Milwaukee Brewers Sausage Race participant. He lives in Brooklyn.


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