Ballots, Beer, Books, Brooklyn (or Maybe Manhattan)?

UPDATE: Thank you to those who have reached out. We now have a venue and a time: Foley’s (18 W. 33rd St in Manhattan) from 7-9 pm on Tuesday, December 12.

Revisiting an idea I broached during the World Series, I’m thinking of trying to put together a beer & book event at a Brooklyn bar, or perhaps a Manhattan one, during the late November/December Hall of Fame ballot season. I’d do a Q&A over drinks, sell and sign books ($25, which is less than list price or what you’d pay for a signed book via Greenlight Bookstore), and leave enough time for causal hanging out after. Something like 7-9 PM on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, with the exact date TBD.

I have boxes of books already on hand. The event would be open to the public — many of you have already bought The Cooperstown Casebook, for which I thank you profusely — but I would need some kind of critical mass of direct pre-sales to pull this event off (via PayPal, most likely), as I’m not going to try to reserve space for an event that won’t generate turnout and I’m not schlepping books I can’t sell. If you have already bought (again, thank you!), perhaps you’ve got a friend or relative who needs a holiday or birthday gift? Just a thought, but if you do go that route, you’re free to bring your own copy for me to sign and personalize.

So, if this interests you, I need a virtual show of hands. Please fill out a contact form indicating your interest in pre-purchasing a book for such an event — using a valid email address which I swear on a stack of Edgar Martinez votes won’t be used for any other purpose — and whether you have a position on Manhattan vs. Brooklyn as a venue. I have bar options in mind for both, relatively convenient via subways.

Failing this, I may explore one other event idea during election season, but that will take more effort to put together.

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