Shoutouts in Seattle

My longstanding support of the Hall of Fame candidacy of Edgar Martinez hasn’t escaped notice in the Pacific Northwest, but it was nonetheless very cool to get a shoutout from the Mariners’ booth during Wednesday’s M’s-A’s game. In the context of discussing the team’s upcoming Martinez jersey retirement celebration, they plugged The Cooperstown Casebook and cited my work and my discussion with Joe Posnasnski on the 8/3/17 PosCast.

What’s more, the Seattle Times‘ Larry Stone, who noted last December that I was winning over some BBWAA voters, interviewed me for his latest feature setting up Edgar’s big weekend and gave me the last word:

After crunching the numbers, Jaffe concluded that even with the built-in penalty assessed to a designated hitter in statistics such as Wins Above Replacement, Martinez still attained value commensurate with a Hall of Fame player.

“We’re talking about a guy who transcends the limitations of the DH role,” Jaffe said.

Transcending limits has pretty much been the Edgar Martinez life story.

As Seen on SNY TV

On Wednesday, July 26, I sat down with the SNY Daily News Live cast — host Jonas Schwartz and panelists Peter Botte, Dan Graca and Anthony McCarron — for a lively discussion of The Cooperstown Casebook. Everyone had good, thoughtful questions about the book, the Hall of Fame processes (both Botte and McCarron are BBWAA voters) and my research, and Schwartz and I had a good laugh calling back to our backstage discussion of life in Salt Lake City, where I grew up and where he spent a few years working. Since the video on SNY’s site isn’t loading via some browsers, I’ve uploaded it here as well.

This is the Real Life

On Sunday night’s Fox 5 Sports Extra, I sat down with Duke Castiglione to discuss the Yankees’ and Mets’ approach to the upcoming trade deadline as well as the forthcoming book. Duke — whose show I’ve been appearing on a few times a year for seven years now — threw Jack Morris into the discussion late. If only we had more time!

And if only I had known that the package I kept forgetting to pick up from our doorman contained the the first hardcover copy of the book that I’ve laid hands on, I could have shown it off on TV. I didn’t pick it up until I got home from taping, but my first look was accompanied by a great beer, Singlecut’s Double Dry Hopped Is This The Real Life? (follow me on Untappd if that’s your sort of thing).