2013 Pre-Integration Committee Ballot @ SI.com

Part of my ongoing effort to catalog my Hall of Fame-related coverage at SI.com for this site.

The 10 finalists up for discussion on the Pre-Integration Era ballot aren’t household names, but there are worthy candidates. Owners Sam Breadon (Cardinals) and Jacob Ruppert (Yankees), executive and equipment pioneer Al Reach and umpire Hank O’Day all have compelling cases. None of those spark the imagination or lend themselves to quantification the way the six former players — Bill Dahlen, Wes Ferrell, Marty Marion, Tony Mullane, Bucky Walters and Deacon White — do, however. Some of those six played during a time when the game’s rules were still evolving, making their raw statistics harder to parse, but advanced metrics can help provide context.

Part 1: Bill Dahlen, Marty Marion, Deacon White

Part 2: Wes Ferrell, Tony Mullane, Bucky Walters

Results: O’Day, Ruppert, White elected

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