2018 BBWAA Ballot @ SI.com

Part of my ongoing effort to catalog my Hall of Fame-related coverage at SI.com for this site. As this series is in progress, some articles have not yet been published.


First look
JAWS intro
Joe Morgan’s Letter
  Letter of Intent (magazine version)
My Virtual 2018 Ballot
2018 Election Day Preview
Results: Chipper, Guerrero, Thome, Hoffman elected
Next 5 Years


One-and-Dones Part 1: Chris Carpenter, Livan Hernandez, Brad Lidge, Jason Isringhausen
One-and-Dones Part 2: Kevin Millwood, Jamie Moyer, Kerry Wood, Carlos Zambrano
One-and-Dones Part 3: Johnny Damon, Orlando Hudson, Aubrey Huff, Carlos Lee, Hideki Matsui

Barry Bonds
Roger Clemens
Vlad Guerrero
Trevor Hoffman
Andruw Jones
Chipper Jones
Jeff Kent
Edgar Martinez
Fred McGriff
Mike Mussina
Manny Ramirez
Scott Rolen 
Johan Santana
Curt Schilling
Gary Sheffield
Sammy Sosa
Jim Thome
Omar Vizquel
Billy Wagner
Larry Walker

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