2005 BBWAA Ballot @ BP

Part of my ongoing effort to catalog my Hall of Fame-related coverage at Baseball Prospectus for this site. A recent design change at BP may result in formatting issues. 

This was the first BBWAA ballot for which the JAWS acronym was used — I introduced the new designation in a piece about Barry Bonds’ lack of Hall of Fame teammates in October 2004 — though it still relied upon Baseball Prospectus’ Wins Above Replacement Player metric, which used a significantly lower replacement level than today’s WAR, and a definition of peak based on a player’s best five-year run, with allowances made for injuries or military service.

Wade Boggs, Dave Concepcion, Chili Davis, Andre Dawson, Steve Garvey, Don Mattingly, Willie McGee, Dale Murphy, Otis Nixon, Dave Parker, Tony Phillips, Jim Rice, Ryne Sandberg, Terry Steinbach, Darryl Strawberry, Alan Trammell

Jim Abbott, Bert Blyleven, Tom Candiotti, Rich Gossage, Tommy John, Mark Langston, Jack McDowell, Jeff Montgomery, Jack Morris, Lee Smith, Bruce Sutter

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