We’re Number One! We’re Number One!

Thank you to everyone who bought The Cooperstown Casebook during its first week of availability, whether online, in stores, or in person at one of my half-dozen appearances. It’s a genuine thrill to hear people tell me how much they’ve been anticipating this book and how much they value my work. What’s more, the reviews have been uniformly positive, and the initial sales strong as well. In fact, either the hardcover or Kindle version has ranked number one in Amazon’s Baseball category every day since the release date. Eight days later, the hardcover — which climbed as high as #600 overall on Amazon — is still number one, which is amazing!!!

For the moment, those strong sales have apparently made it harder to get the book, with Amazon customers reporting mid-August ETAs, and Barnes and Noble and Powell’s temporarily out of stock. I’d love to believe that demand is so high that the thing is just impossible to find, but the more likely explanation is bad distribution algorithms and supply chain hiccups, and so I understand the frustration of anyone who wants this in his or her hot little hands but can’t get it.

I’m told by my publisher that those situations should clear up soon, and that canceling your Amazon order and then reordering might speed up your delivery time (some who have tried this have said it’s not the case, so caveat emptor).

Update: I’ve officially been informed that the book is into its second printing (!), which should help clear those situations up fairly soon. Holy cow!

Meanwhile, there are other ways to get the book. Books-a-Million is still showing availability as I write this, and you can use the IndieBound system to find an independent bookstore that stocks it or will sell it online.

And speaking of independent bookstores, I am using Brooklyn’s Greenlight Bookstore to fulfill requests for signed, personalized copies. I’ll be heading over to sign the first batch to go out later this week.




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