Baseball America Reviews the Casebook

Given that so much of their focus is on draft picks and prospects — the NEXT thing, rather than baseball history — you wouldn’t necessarily expect Baseball America to give coverage to a Hall of Fame book, but the beauty of the topic is that it resonates in so many places. BA’s Matt Eddy gave the Casebook a wonderful review. In part:

“The Cooperstown Casebook” is essential reading for all baseball history enthusiasts and is recommended for anyone interested in intelligent discourse about the Hall of Fame.

Jaffe writes informative, entertaining capsules about every player enshrined in Cooperstown, from inner-circle members to the most dubious Veterans Committee selections. He devotes space to more than 50 additional players who deserve at least some consideration for the Hall, saving the most deserving for pullout essays that precede each of the “Around The Diamond” chapters.

…It is the most comprehensive, most enjoyable evaluation of the Hall of Fame since [Bill] James two decades earlier. I know I will return to “The Cooperstown Casebook” year after year to get my Hall of Fame fix.



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