The Will Leitch Experience Podcast

Sports On Earth’s Will Leitch has been a long-time supporter of my work, and even provided one of the The Cooperstown Casebook’s back-cover blurbs:

“Jay Jaffe has revolutionized how we think about not just the Hall of Fame, but about baseball itself. This book taught me much about the Hall of Fame, but it taught me even more about baseball. I am smarter for having read it, and, even better, it’s a blast to read.” ―Will Leitch, author of Are We Winning? and God Save the Fan, senior writer for Sports On Earth, and founder of Deadspin

Over the weekend, I spoke to him about book for a meaty 40-minute podcast. We discuss many things, including the voting process, historical trends and — previewing what I already believe will be a rather polarizing debate when the time comes — Yadier Molina. Our chat was a lot of fun, and I hope that it shows here.

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